My name is Ivan Schaller

And im a DevOps/Network Engineer at Swisscom (Schweiz) AG.

My work is a combination of Operation in Networking and Development in Automation.

The main task in our team is the operation of a bgp-mpls core for businesses across switzerland and a few over the top services for it.

I work mostly with cisco and juniper networking equipment, and from configuration to diagnostics I use about every aspect of it.

On the development side, I work with the automation of networking tasks and building “small” internal applications.

My (subjective) skills:


  • German

  • English

Networking skills

  • Routing & Switching

  • Cisco IOS-X(E/R)

  • Hardware knowledge

  • Fiber technologies

Programming and scripting skills:

  • Python3

  • Shell/Bash

  • Vanilla JavaScript

Other skills

  • Linux (various areas)

  • Docker/Container

  • Git + CI/CD

If you are interested in my work, check out my Projects.

For my CV, you can just write me an email and I will gladly send it to you.