Manga downloader written in python3

I was in search of a script to download multiple mangas at the same time without any interactive elements which require your attention. The best I found was mangadex-dl which didn’t include multiple mangas, or all chapters at the same time. So I took inspiration from mangadex-dl and wrote a script myself. It includes all my needs and is extendable for other sites too.

I also created a docker container for it, built on my own base-image.

More infos are available on the official docs:

Feature summary:

  • Multiple mangas via a file with links
  • Ability to download all chapters available
  • Save as zip, cbz, cbr, pdf or folder
  • Add metadata via the comicinfo format
  • Multi-language support
  • Volume support
  • Custom event hooks
  • Docker image
  • PyPi package
  • etc.