Dockerization of gohfs

To be deployed in my environment I needed this application in a containerized format. But the original developer did not have a container for it yet.

So I created one with the s6 supervisor for easy user mapping and failure detection.

The pull request with the changes was accepted and can also be viewed at the original repository.

Dockerization of flox

Flox is a personal watchlist, written in php.

Before I created my version, I used a docker container of flox from another user (I can’t remember which one).

But this version did not have a supervisor installed, so I created my own docker container for it with supervision.

The baseimage for the flox container is the debian-s6 image from myself. It includes everything needed.

I also built it for arm64 and amd64, so it can even run on raspberry pi’s or other arm processors.

The original repository: devfake/flox

Improvements to a Lets Encrypt bash script

I changed the script to fit my needs. In the process I removed one package dependency and increased readability of the script.